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    Caitlin Decter met Webmind on the World Wide Web in WWW: Wake, she wasn’t ready for a friendship but the new evolving mind insisted. Webmind through the girl wanted to know all about the human world in a quick time. For Caitlin he looked to be on a sort of study tour but his quick pace questions alarmed the keen mathematician. Still she never considered it as a threat to the human world because she thinks that she can feel Webmind’s core which is pure.

    However the WATCH has other ideas in mind, the United States’ secret service considers Webmind as a sheer threat to the world. The department thinks that the computer program is getting all these information for the sake of research about the full potential of the human world. It is like a spy that has come to the land prior to an invasion.

    WWW: Watch

    Along with Webmind the WATCH also finds out the connection of Caitlin Decter with it. According to the department she is aiding the new emerging mind against the human world but in reality it is wrong. The author Robert J. Sawyer has not made the path straight yet and there are many twists in the story. By the look of things WWW: Wonder will solve all the riddles of the series.

    Narration department possesses the same old list of appealing voices i.e Jessica Almasy, Marc Vietor, Robert J. Sawyer and Jennifer Van Dyck. Work of the narrators is still not equally distributed but in appearance everything looks well balanced so no need to change anything for the finale because it will mar the fun.

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    WWW: Wake

    WWW: Wonder


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