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Time to bring a hybrid in the world as Mary Vaughan and Ponter are conceiving a child together. Mary belongs to earth and Ponter came to her from Neanderthal in Hominids, it was like love at first sight for both of them. Ponter took Mary with him in Humans not for study purpose but because of the fact that he wanted to be with her.

Both are ready for the mating but there exists a hurdle between them. Their chromosomes don’t match, thus this genetic hurdle hinders in their dream of having a hybrid baby. Solution exists for this purpose but it is forbidden in the Neanderthal world. No one is allowed to use the technology that can bring change in the genetic code. However the two eager ones start their journey towards the northern areas where in the wild the lab still exists. There are several threats in the mind of the two scientists, they are afraid that their experiment or in other words their child would not be accepted in both worlds. Also there is a danger that the technique might fail and kill both lovers.

Looking back does not remain an option for them anymore. And it is up to them to safeguard the creation of their doings with their lives. If the hybrid proves to be a success it would open more doors of research for both worlds and they would be able to gain benefits from one another. Robert J. Sawyer and Jonathan Davis narrate this last part as well in their fine and fan favorite style that has remained one of the highlights throughout the series.

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