The Witness

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The Witness is another exciting novel written by Nora Roberts. This is a standalone novel, which isn’t a part of any series or a saga that the author has written.

The Witness is a mystery thriller dominated by some great suspense as well. The narration of this novel is done by Julia Whelan, who managed to make it a success with her passionate voice and a stern tone. Her voice is one of the reasons that the audio format of this novel was so widely listened and appreciated as well.

The highly obedient, studious and an anonymous donor Elizabeth is the daughter of a cold and controlling mother. Elizabeth let loose one night after having a lot of alcohol in night club and allowing a stranger’s foreign seductive accent to lure her to Lake Shore Drive into a house. The events that followed after all this were big enough to change her all life.

After a period of 12 years, the lady now known as Abigail Lowery used to live a simple and a low profile life somewhere in the outskirts of Ozarks, which is a small and quiet town. She used to work there as a freelance software programmer, while designing the sophisticated security systems.

Her own security is done through a fierce dog and along with that, an assortment of some firearms as well. She keeps to herself most of the things as she believes in saying very little always and revealing nothing at all.

Year One and The Rise of Magicks are other quality novels that Nora Roberts have written. You would love them for the quality of their writing, narration and the epic characterization and the highly involving storyline as well.




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