Three Dark Crowns

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The Island of Fennbirn had the oddest of trends for the selection of its queen and being the triplets and heir to the throne Mirabella, Katharine and Arsinoe had to face it all. From their birth, they knew what they were preparing for but all their preparations were just not enough in front of the competition that they had in hands. To get to the status of the Queen Crowned the three queens had to take part in the competition after their sixteenth birthday.

The competition also is important for them because the loser will not be alive after the duel. Only one among the sisters can survive and become the queen so the time has come that they start using their powers against one another. One of them can control the elements, the other has commanded over the deadly poisons and the last one can control the natural phenomena. With these massive strengths at hand, the battle would surely be earth-shaking. Queen Crowned is also destined to bear the burden that it was she who killed the other two for the crown and her life. Kendare Blake has invested a lot of pages on the depiction of the characters to tell us what the characters are truly capable of.

One Dark Throne and Two Dark Reigns talked a lot about the possessiveness of the throne but there it was no detailed notes in them. Here the poor girls had no other option but to fight for their lives and if they survive they will be crowned. Amy Landon gives equal time to all the three sisters in narration just like the author. During their conversations, there is a special effect in the voice of each sister which shows their inner nature.

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    11-22-63 Audiobook: A Novel

    One Dark Throne


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