Three to Get Deadly

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With greater amount comes greater threat for Stephanie Plum who has shown what she is made. Frustrated from her life she started hunting down criminals and then she started getting money in bulk. The old days of the rent issue are now over and she is living a good life among a lot of warm enemies of course but this does not matter to her anymore. Her job has now become her passion, it has enabled her to squeeze her fears and bring out her brave and bold character.

Mo Bedemier is the next assignment that Plum gets after which she would get a handsome amount. Janet Evanovich talked a lot about Plum’s personal life in One for the Money: International Edition and Two for the Dough but here it is ignored for a while. Mo i.e the man whom Stephanie is searching for was arrested by the police but later he just vanished. It is said that he had a weapon with him that can cause huge destruction.

Weapon of such kind is of great demand in the drug dealers and terrorist squads. So Plum is not the only one who is after Mo, some gangs and groups are in his search because of the weapon. The bounty hunter has to go deep into the criminal world for the man she got to arrest at any rate. C.J. Critt’s narration makes the situation look funny at times, the narrator does such things to attract the attention of the listeners on rare occasions. Although there is nothing funny in the story, it is serious like always but the listener does get the time to relax a bit because of the narration.

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