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End of the world is coming and only one man or being from the past can stop all of this but the question is that can he do what is needed or the inner love will take over. Keetoowah was one of a kind warrior in the past and there was no one in the world that could defeat him but he still got killed. He was killed not by an act of valor but by an act of treachery by the closest ally that he had at that time.

The warrior however didn’t die forever that day and still whenever the world needs him he comes back from the other world for the eradication of the evil that only he can kill. After the description of this warrior the story comes to the present world where a young girl named Kateri Avani is having the strangest of dreams. She has been seeing a strange warrior in her dreams for years and she cannot understand why.

Then she goes to Las Vegas and comes face to face with the man that she has been watching in her dreams. Ren Waya saved the world once from the evil but for that he had to kill the love of his life. Now the same girl stands in front of him in a different time zone and for the fulfillment of the prophecy he has to kill her again.

Only this time he does not look in the mode to kill her. Saving love was easy in Bad Moon Rising and Dark Side of the Moon but in Sherrilyn Kenyon new addition it is the sacrifice of love that is needed from the warrior. Holter Graham’s narration has decorated this latest part of the series with high pitch that really brings the action alive.

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