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    Divergence The Beginning After the End, Book 7

    I accepted long ago that not every human, elf, or dwarf could be equally precious to me – my role is to serve the greater purpose of ending this war, not achieve world peace or save all of mankind. My goal is simply to one day lead a content, happy life with my loved ones.

    Arthur Leywin has endured two lifetimes of adventure and tribulation, living as a swordsman, mage, wanderer, and king. Now his dual existence as Grey the monarch and Arthur the spellcaster will fuse, unveiling their connection but at an unforeseen cost.

    How will this impact the ongoing war between Alacrya and Dicathen? Enemy forces threaten coastal towns, elven forests and mountain passes while Dicathen’s most powerful allies have vanished. The military alliance binding men, elves, and dwarves nears collapse. Arthur may be his people’s last hope, but when forced to pick between family and country, where will his loyalty reside?

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