Marque and Reprisal


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    Another series by Elizabeth Moon started with Trading in Danger in the first part the author introduced Vatta and the ex-military officer Ky Vatta. This book is in continuation to that tale; here the enemy launches a big attack against Vatta resulting in heavy losses for Ky’s family. A huge number of family member get killed in the attack from an unknown enemy. Ky is still safe, fighting for her life and also searching for the enemy that hit the family so badly.

    The purpose of the invasion is unknown but Ky is aware that there is something big hidden behind all of this. She reorganizes a crew for a fight back but she is not left with a lot of heroes to stand up with so she hires some villains too. Stella who is Ky’s cousin is surely a girl who cannot be trusted at any rate but she is needed for the mission because she possesses information that the band needs. Second one is Rafe who was once Stella’s boyfriend and he too can provide a helping hand to the team if he remains loyal to it.

    Marque and Reprisal

    Ky has many problems at her hands, first one being the disunity in her team. It is the matter of life and death for every single member of the team but still none of them trusts one another. After a hard effort the girl brings the team on the line but till then the threat grows far bigger than their expectations.

    War of such kind might eat up all of them in one single blow but Ky is ready to take the risk in order to avenge her family. Cynthia Holloway uses different accents for different characters, it was not necessary but this personal effort of the narrator has really bore fruit. Engaging the Enemy will make the enemies clear and till then the traitors within the band of heroes would also be revealed. Up till now Ky’s side is going down and she needs serious work form her team.


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