Tiny Little Thing

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Extremely complex and psychologically ripping book and should be selected only when the listener has time for details related to this brilliant story that Beatriz Williams has created. From the first novel about the Schuler sisters everyone now knows what the sisters are and what they are capable of. This time the second part deals with the youngest in the family alone, all the focus is on her marriage that is going to take place very soon.

Christina known to her family as “Tiny” is the perfect girl to marry Frank the one who is planning to enter the Senate very soon. Tiny is not only beautiful she is just perfect in everything like appearance, talk and politics too so she is selected for Frank by the family.

Together she and her future husband can rule the country politics for a long time and she is ready for it. Frank too knows the importance of their marriage and the future of both the families. Everything is set when Tiny receives three mysterious things in her life, things she was never expecting this she was not ready for it.

First is the entrance of her sister in her life a little too far, second is Caspian who has recently come from Vietnam and is the cousin and close friend of Frank. The last one is the secret she and her husband are hiding from one another. The secrets are so devastating that it will destroy their personal as well as professional life within no time.

If you are looking for more stuff like that by Beatriz then selecting All the Ways We Said Goodbye and The Secret Life of Violet Grant after this one is a fine choice. Kathleen McInerney stumbles a little in the scenes that reveal trouble but that is not often just one or two the rest of the narration is perfect just like the story itself.

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