To the Nines

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Poor Stephanie was once worried about the rent only and now she got to keep an eye on the enemies too who are trying to shoot her head off. During the cases, she has solved for the people of the town she has made enough enemies that can make her life a living hell. She is not in Jersey now and she has made quite a fame for herself in Trenton. Here she has a cousin named Vinnie under whose supervision she has been working for many years. Recently Vinnie’s decision has set an illegal immigrant free.

The case gets twisted when the immigrant i.e Samuel Singh disappears from the scene. Stephanie is asked to look into the case personally and she is on to it in a flash. Initially, Stephanie thought that it was the case of simple abduction or perhaps Samuel intentionally disappeared from the scene but later horror strikes her.

There is a proper group which is working undercover against such people and it is not ready to show mercy against any of such case. Samuel’s life could be compromised if the situation gets tough and Stephanie doesn’t want to lose the man. Four to Score and Seven Up were against single individuals and this one brings the heroine against a whole mafia that has been slaughtering people for a long time without being noticed. Janet Evanovich always gets new thoughts into the story and Lorelei King is the exact person to narrate them. The time for the final battle is still far away or there is a chance that the author will keep the series in this pattern i.e dealing with one bad guy at a time.

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