True Believer

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James Reece’s character appeared to be fighting his last battle in The Terminal List finally finds a new mission in his career and it’s good to see that not only he is again doing something positive with his skills; he is also in good relation with the government as well. The government finally acknowledges his skills and requests for his help in another suicidal mission that only he could perform.

The mission leads Reece to the commandos of Iraq who have gone rogue after the American attack and now one of them is hiding in Europe leading the terrorists’ attacks in the west that could bring disaster to the whole world the Reece knows.  We find Reece in Mozambique at the start where the government contacts him presidential pardon and an immunity of his former team member as well that helped him in avenging his team.

Jack Carr takes us on a long tour of the world this time as Reece moves from one country to the other hunting down the people that are supposed to be a threat for his country. The action is in plenty and so are the killings but the portraying of action is so great that you never tend to get bored by the repetition of falling dead bodies in front of your eyes all the time.

The narrator is the same and thus we are not deprived from the voice of Ray Porter who is supposed to be the best among the rest when it comes to narrating political thrillers. There are not stops in the story which means that you will not be watching any emotional or love scenes it’s just robotic clean sweep by the supreme assassin.  



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