Warlock Holmes 3-My Grave Ritual

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This third part in the Warlock Holmes series by G.S. Denning the writer amazes us with several new faces in the form of demons and other such devilish force that haunt Warlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson all the time. The story has a nice beginning middle an end, it never lets us bored even for a single moment as we keep on meeting strange people in the story with different powers, modes, nature, and appearance.

The description of the scenes never let us confuse things together, the words and the accent are even kept in mind even in the narration which too surely has no parallel because it is done in an expert manner by the Graphic Audio, a nice selection it was for such a hit material.

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We meet a character with goat legs and not only its legs are that of a goat but several of its habits and even the sound in which it speaks resembles a goat, then we see a goose that John and Holmes want to cook for Christmas but it does not seem to be ready to get itself cooked, the resistance of the animal in order to save its life is really amazing to hear about the attempts that John and Holmes make are of an epic proportion.

The electricity demon confrontation is also another breathtaking moment for both that at first fail to believe their eyes when they saw the monster for the first time. The Irish accent of Holmes is also a comic addition and the reference of the redhead make the tale a little less rigid and more interesting for all. Anna Dressed in Blood: Cas Lowood, Book 1 – Kendare Blake, Keelic and the Space Pirates: The Keelic Travers Chronicles, Book 1 – Alexander Edlund and Shingles Audio Collection Volume 1 – Robert Bevan, Rick Gualtieri, Steve Wetherell, Drew Hayes, John G. Hartness offer more stories with interesting characters and stories most listeners of stories.



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