This is a book that consists of horror and comedy together. The book consists of six stories that have ghosts souls and zombies in it but they don’t look that much terrorizing when they meet the people in different places rather they are with a comic element. The stories are written by different writers like Robert Bevan, Rick Gualtieri, Steve Wetherell, Drew Hayes, John G. Hartness and because of this each story has a different flavor and they do not follow the same pattern or the same characters in different tales.

Each one is with a different scene and a different set of people. There is one thing common in the stories and that is lack of an evil mystery, plot or an element of suspense. The first book is about two children who are not even teenagers and still they succeed in buying a gun for themselves from the city and though they have a gun they are chased by a strange looking guy who is mean in his approach.

The second story is about a strange gift that is not only odd but horrifying as well for the teenager boy who wished for an entirely different thing. We meet zombies and aliens as well that are involved in kidnaps and them in a funny way destroy a boy’s homework but left him safe and sound to tell the tale.

Even when we see open graves in front of us we do not feel horrified at all because the characters are not afraid of all this rather it is described as something amusing for the boy who stands in front of all this. The narrators Cassandra Myles, Cal Wembly have also used a vibrant pitch for the narration of these tales that are not fairy tales as they have evil zombies in it but they are written in a delighted mood.   

With this humor and horror mixture story other stories including They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper – Bruce Robinson and   Ascension: Ascension, Book 6 – Ken Lozito are also good for keeping your interest going for listening more.





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