Where Angels Fear

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Where Angels Fear is a fast-paced thriller filled with action and lots of suspense from start to finish. This has a list of interesting characters, from Deputy Dave Kane to Sheriff Jenna Alton. The author v represented the characters in no better ways than their various roles in the series. Even if you’re an ardent lover of thrills and high paced action, you will get some level of chills at some point in this book.

The descriptive snow equally ads to all the tension mounted in the storyline. There is nothing better than reading books that have properly developed characters. When you are engrossed into the book, it will seem as if you are part of the entire action. You will feel you are at the center stage with an invisible power to see everything happening in real life.

It is the 5th book in the Detectives Kane and Alton Series The first book, Don’t Tell a Soul,  also has the same level of suspense and action. In fact, from the first book down to this fifth one has been carefully written. D. K. Hood has really done an excellent job with proper character representation and great storytelling.

The narrator also did a great job. Patricia Rodriguez is a very good narrator of books of this nature. This time again, she did not disappoint. Unlike in some other novels where the names of locations are mispronounced, there was nothing of such in this one.  Although this is an exhaustive read, the fast-paced events at each chapter make it quite interesting and engrossing.   If you’ve been following D.K Hood’s books, you will certainly love this book as well.

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