The Invisible Library


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    The Invisible Library is a science fiction fantasy novel. It is written by Genevieve Cogman. The book is the opening chapter of a series with the same title as this novel, The Invisible Library. The British author has done some really impressive work in fantasy literature. The most in-demand books of the author are The Secret Chapter and The Masked City.

    Susan Duerden has given her voice in the narration of this book. The performance was a bit disappointing as her voice and pauses in between sentences were quite distracting.

    The Invisible Library

    The story in this novel revolves around the character of Irene who is a professional spy and operating on and around the mysterious Library. The library is known for harvesting fiction from a range of different perspectives and realities. She was soon posted to an alternative along with Kai, her enigmatic assistant in London. Their mission here was to salvage a highly dangerous book. But, when they reached the library, the book was already stolen. The underground factions of London looked all set to fight for this book till their last breath.

    The Invisible Library

    Adding to all this chaos, the known laws of nature bent to enable the supernatural powers. The new assistant of Irene was also keeping secrets of his own, which was making the entire nexus even more complex. Soon, she found herself completely drowned in danger and within the secret societies. Failure was still not an option. It was the nature of reality who was at stake.

    The Invisible Library overall is a good book, especially from its writing perspective. The narrator however couldn’t do justice to the expectations of presenting this well-written novel in a quality manner.

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