Wicked Prey


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    Danger lurks everywhere and the hero once again has to fight his way out of danger, one thing Lucas has been touchy for is his family. No matter what happens he is committed to keep his dear ones away from everything. There are more enemies and less number of friends for him but still the man is committed to stand against all the odds. Convention time for the Republicans is not good news for the cops all around. The more people go to parties the more alert the police have to keep itself because of the threat of evil that is always there looking for an opportunity to pounce on the innocent.

    Lucas Davenport the hero of the stories like Hidden Prey and Broken Prey is head of the police now and it is his duty to keep an eye on everything now. In this entire scenario building up around him the one thing he never expected and wanted was someone with personal grudge.

    Wicked Prey

    That someone is an old pimp named Randy who was once shot by a cop and now is on the wheel chair because of that bullet. Randy is dead sure that it was Lucas who put a bullet in his leg and now wants to return the thing in a big way.

    The pimp does not just want to kill Davenport, he wants him to suffer and luckily Randy has Davenport’s weakness at hand. Davenport adopted a girl fourteen years ago and mow she can serve as a healthy target for those seeking revenge from the master detective.

    John Sandford makes every step count in this tale that is more personal than professional and the voice quality of Richard Ferrone just keep on getting better in all respects.

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