White Ninja

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The white ninja is another one of the ninja series that also comes with the books like Floating City – Eric Van Lustbader and Father Night – Eric Van Lustbader that has become so popular because of its action and the finely woven suspense in the story. The story takes us the world of fighters and the scenes sometime take us to the fictional world as well.

In this part Eric Van Lustbader takes us to the sex clubs of Tokyo as well in order to intensify the horror when the dead bodies of such women are found with only a calling card with a statement written in blood that “this could be your wife”. The mystery killer starts haunting the back alleys and the women and people that are attached to sex bars or any other such business.

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The story intensifies when we come to know that the killer never leaves a clue for the police and thus becomes impossible case to solve for the local police. The expert ninja Nicholas Linnear is again assigned the task to bring that rogue to justice as he proves to be the only one in the whole country who is an expert in the art of ninjutsu. Nicholas though seems to have the power and skill to tackle the case but he is struck with a tragedy this time as his illness makes all his powers disappear that he needed to the maximum level against the rogue force that has emerged in the country.

The whole climax is reached when Nicholas’ family seems to be the next target of this evil force. Nicholas is left with no choice rather than to summon up everything that he possesses to deal with the one from which he cannot run now. The narration of this part is done by Merwin Smith who has done his best in narrating the tale with Japanese origin.


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