Wrath of a Mad God

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Darkwar’s final part approaches, the threats have not ended still and Kelewan might not survive this time after the war. Varen’s dark desires were never a secret but only this time the magician came with the perfect idea.

Mighty warriors seem to be mentally prepared for the upcoming defeat, though they would not be there at the time of defeat but they can see people being slaughtered. Sacrifices and fights will not help the land and its people now, there still remains hope in the form of Magnus. Raymond E. Feist introduced Pug’s son in Into a Dark Realm for this sole mission. The boy has information that the Conclave needs and it can change the course of war in the favor of Midkemia. Magnus went as far as to the realm of Dasati for the solution of the upcoming war and he luckily found it.

The only problem that remained for him and his friends after that was the way back to the home world. Now Magnus is returning and he will becomes a savior to the land, a role that once his father performed in his early youth when his family was snatched.  Exile’s Return had some ending issues, not big ones but those issues effected the impression.

The ending of this trilogy is made exemplary by Peter Joyce’s narration; this series can be a yard stick in the fictional world of today. Rise of action, climax and then the fall till the end, everything was exact with not even a spot of error that can be spotted by the critics. Audience knows that it is time for the launching of the new trilogy after this one but so far this one was the best in the lot.

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