Written in the Stars


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    Darcy and Elle were certainly not made for each other because they didn’t have anything in common. Also, the two were not aiming to find the perfect match for themselves. Darcy’s brother arranged a date for her that didn’t go very well and she wanted to tell her brother that it was a disaster but she didn’t do that. She wanted to keep her brother happy and also she was aiming to stop him from searching for more dates for her so she said that her recent date was just fantastic.

    Darcy thought that the issue would be closed forever but everything just pounced back on her within no time. Elle i.e the one whom Darcy met was the business partner of her brother. Elle too was not looking for a soul mate like Darcy because she was just pathetic according to Elle.

    Both of them wanted to disclose the truth but it was not the right time because their families and friends were so eager to know about their relationship. They decided to move along with the show and promised that they will take it to New Year’s Eve after which they will part their ways forever.

    Written in the Stars

    Slowly they started introducing each other to their families and spending some time together was also not a bad idea at all. Listen to it because you wouldn’t be able to understand Count Your Lucky Stars and The Fiancée Farce right away. It is all about finding the right partner for yourself in this big world around you. The aroma of Lauren Sweet’s voice in the narration section is another flavor that you will never be able to forget.

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