Wuthering Heights

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The book is composed by two writers Emily Brontë and Ann Dinsdale. The book still is like one complete unit and there is no difference of opinion shown between the works of the two different people it means that both have the same approach towards the topic and the motive is also the same.

Ann has basically written the introduction of the tale and the rest of the work is chiefly done by Bronte. The story is the transition of a man for the sake of the love of his life for which he is ready to do anything. He even leaves Wuthering Heights in order to present himself as a rich gentleman that proves to be the choice of his love. The romance presented in the story is just out of this world as its intensity is sky-high.

No ordinary person could to such intensity in love that we see in Heathcliff for his love that is Cathy Earnshaw. Heathcliff not only leaves Wuthering Heights but also the Moorish background to which he basically belongs. The twist in the story appears when he after becoming successful in achieving his goal in life returns to the family who once adopted him as a child and he once again joins the mission of punishing those who did all that to him because of which he was stranded in his childhood.

High emotions, drama and a promise for action keep the intensity of the story high throughout but the element of love still never disappears from the heart of Heathcliff which proves that his love was a true one and not just an overflow of emotions. Joanne Froggatt and Rachel Atkins have narrated the tale from introduction to the end and both have kept a good pace with the whole story.


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