Year’s Best Hardcore Horror, Volume 1

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The book comprises of nineteen short stories that are created by the legends like Cheryl Mullenax, Kristopher Triana, Jack Bantry, and Randy Chandler. On the title, there is only one word i.e horror, inside the book, there is a mystery, terror, and things like breathtaking fear. If you are looking for scary nightmares for a month or so just listen to this book in Joe Hempel’s voice. Each place and character that you will find in the book will haunt you at nights and in the evenings when you are alone.

Some stories tell us about crazy killings in the neighborhood and others inform the listener about the unknown monsters that can get to any place at any moment. It is not only the characters that seem to be watching the listener but some of the lines in the stories appear to be pointing at the listener. The real freak show is at hand and whoever gets out of this charged with sensation would no doubt want Year’s Best Hardcore Horror: Volume 2 as quickly as possible.

Stories are addictive; even if a person knows that the stories are fake he would not be able to stop himself from going down to the conclusion in a flash. Mysteries in these short stories get resolved at the ending lines thus a reader or listener is not allowed to breathe free till the story gets concluded. One thing missing is the background of the characters which was not possible in stories with such a short length. If a little work is done on the background the impact of the stories that are yet to come would become much stronger.


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