A House in the Sky

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Remaining positive even after facing inhuman acts is the toughest thing one can think of in life. Trying to get over those dark hours that you have gone through is never easy at all because one thing which a human being wants most desperately is revenge. It is seldom that we see someone trying to help those because of whom his own life was once destroyed. Amanda Lindhout is one of those legends whom you have to praise at any rate after listening to her autobiography in her voice.

As a young girl all the writer wanted was to travel the whole world freely. For this she started her first job as a waitress at the age of eighteen, slowly but steadily she was able to make money for one long trip. During her travels, she got the chance to cover the drastic situation in Somalia. Before this, the girl had traveled to Pakistan, India, and places like Syria so she thought of it as the same kind of venture. The moment she landed there with her cameraman the situation that she saw there was savage.

For her, it was like entering into another kind of world that was full of barbarians. Then she and her coworker got kidnapped by the locals there and Amanda had to face hell on earth. At a young age, the lady faced hunger and sexual abuse to an extent which a normal human being cannot bear.

After she was rescued instead of becoming wild Amanda controlled her well and started working for the betterment of the locals so that such a situation never occurs again.

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