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    Algonquin is a story that has the same idea of feeling we always have experienced when we pass by the places we lived during our childhood. The author has described the character Royce Partridge who has left the small town named Algonquin 40 years ago but now he has returned the town after he gets to know that his childhood friend named Toby Bergman is suffering from cancer and is dying because of it. He has returned and now he is seeing all the things which have been progressing during these 40 years.

    He can see how things were in the past, how they were used to play and roam in the streets when they were kids and now the time has passed so much that the streets have transformed differently, malls have been made high and all things are now totally different except the friendship they had. They are still friends and they can now collect all the memories together after meeting again.

    The time reminds them of all the happy moments and the events that they enjoyed together. There are so many things they have shared with their other friends and that has made their child so exciting and beautiful.

    Algonquin Audiobook

    But with the time things have evolved differently. The main character feels the difference and how quickly all things have changed over time when he was away.

    The narrator John H. Fehskens has added a touch of reality and feeling that keep the listeners attached to the story in a very empathizing manner. The voice and the accent make it compelling for the listeners so that they are unable to leave without listening till its end.

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