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Norse Mythology

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Neil Gaiman is back with his solo novel as a writer. The Norse Mythology is a historic fiction, which has plenty of interesting content for the readers or listeners to get inspired with. The narration of this novel is given by Neil Gaiman, the writer himself.

Neil Gaiman is known as a big time inspirer of the ancient mythology, which reflects in his act of crafting the fantastical empires of his fiction. Now, he is back with full focus on the source, while presenting a bravura rendition of some of the fines northern tales.

In this novel, Norse Mythology, the writer approaches primitive stories into a novelistic arc, which initiated with the origin of the legendary 9 worlds. It is delved into the feats of the dwarves, deities, giants and ends in Ragnarok, which is actually the twilight of the gods of that time and the revival of new time and people.


Gaiman stays firm with the myths, while quite intensely revitalizing Odin, who is known as the highest of the high cunning, daring and wise. His son, Thor is intensely strong but he doesn’t have the repute to be the wisest of gods. Then it comes to the son of a giant, named Loki, who is a trickster and an unsurpassable schemer as well.

From the adroit and humorous prose of Gaiman comes the gods with the most ferocious and competitive natures. Their capacity to let passion fire their actions and helps in making these ancient myths getting life again.

American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition (A Full Cast Production) and Good Omens are some really inspiring novels by Neil Gaiman, which you must check out.


Good Omens

American Gods


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