Good Omens

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Good Omens is humor fiction novel written primarily by Neil Gaiman. The novel also had support in its writing by secondary author, Terry Pratchett. The narration for this 12 hours long book is done by Martin Jarvis in a very light and enjoyable tone, which was the requirement of such fictional novel.

The story tells that the world is going to end on Saturday, which is the next Saturday actually. Just before the time of Dinner, and as per The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch, stands as the most accurate book of prophecies, which was written in 1655. The armies of both Evil and Good are actually amassing. Everything in this session seems to be going as per the Divine Plan.

However, there was some exception and that exception was of that somewhat frilly angel and a fast living demon. They both were actually not looking forward to the coming Rapture at all. Then on the other side, it looks like that someone apparently have misplaced the Antichrist.

The Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett writers’ duo has been phenomenal and this team effort helped them becoming the best-selling author in New York Times. Considering their legacy work, they both might look as an unlikely combination, but the Armageddon topic is a common thing, which is part of their past literary work as well. The wackiness of Pratchett along with the morbid humor of Gaiman makes an interesting and a highly engaging combination.

American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition (A Full Cast Production) and Norse Mythology are other fictional novels by Neil Gaiman, which will not disappoint you if you listen to its audio book narration.



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