Murder in Belgrave Square


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    Murder in Belgrave Square is the fourth installment of A 1920s Cozy Mystery thriller novel series. It is expertly written by Catherine Coles. She is a phenomenal writer of mystery novels and you will love the way she gives attention to details. If you want to check out more novels from the author then go with her Murder at the Wedding Chapel novel, and you will not regret your decision. Another top novel that the same author has written is Poison at the Village Show.

    The narration of Murder in Belgrave Square novel is done by Alex Lee. It was a marvelous performance and you will enjoy her soulful voices given to the different characters of this book.

    Tommy and Evelyn Christie we relooking ahead for a much-needed break from their routine of solving murder cases. That was the situation when they both agreed to become the host of their Aunt Victoria and her daughters, Elise and Madeleine. They were at their home in London which was at Belgrave Square.

    Murder in Belgrave Square

    Victoria was recently widowed and she made a return back to London for the London Season while coming from France. She made that move to mend or fix the bridges with her estranged family.

    None of them were prepared at all for the doubly shocking sight of witnessing a newborn baby along with a dead body. It was placed somewhere on the back doorstep of their imposing residence in London.

    Tommy and Evelyn both were up for a race against time to solve the tricky murder and also the mystery of the abandoned baby. That needed to be done well before the London Season of Madeleine gets ruined.

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