A Plague of Giants

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A Plague of Giants is an action and adventure fictional novel. It is written by Kevin Hearne. The book is the 1st chapter of the exciting The Seven Kennings novel series. There are a few more fictional novels from the author that could make a good read in your leisure time. Do consider listening to the audio versions of Scourged and Hounded.

The audio performance in this audiobook is done by the duo of Luke Daniels and Xe Sands. It was a great performance and especially Luke Daniels add great value to this audiobook with his emphatic voice.

Tallynd is a fighter, a soldier who has actually fought and survived the fiercest battle of her life, which was losing her husband. This time now, she discovered herself right on the front lines of the giant’s invasion. The real intent was on completely wiping out the kingdom and it also included two sons of Tallynd, who were the only ones that she had left with her. The stakes in her life were never that higher. If she fails then her two sons would never become men at all.

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Then it comes to the story of Dervan who is a historian. He always longs for a quiet, peaceful and simple life. But, his life got all in mess when he was recruited to record the stories of some suspicious bard who could possibly be a spy r may be a killer for a rival kingdom.

It is quite a complicated novel and told in the audiobook as in the first person as if someone else is telling stories about the characters involved. If you are OK to live with this complexity then the novel is great with an excellent story.

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