A Scion of Amber Light

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Nick Podehl has remained with this series since the beginning as the official narrator of the show. The narrator has been one of the main ingredients that has highlighted the series and brought it this far. Kellan was a big fan of fictional tales but seeing such things becoming true in front of his eyes was entirely different experience for him. In A Power Renewed and A Tale of Two Gardens , Kellan experienced things which he never knew existed in this world.

However there was a good thing too i.e he found his Soulborn and fell in love with her. They spent great time together until Kellan was separated from Shannon in a different time zone. Shannon with the help of Meghan retrieved Kellan from Claudius’ Rome and they are back together again. Kellan after coming back to his original time zone still thinks that he has changed somehow, a change which he cannot comprehend.

Merlin is back in their life again and though they were not ready for it, still they have agreed to work for him because something has been going on against Creation and Destruction. The time has come to fulfil the angelic prophesy which was treated as a myth in the past.

Robert W. Ross gives the two leading characters an uphill task to fulfil and failure means facing destruction permanently. Soulborn and Sentinel go on a gigantic trip along with their allies to pull things back to normal for the rest of the living beings present in the world. In this serious mission some personal issues also arise which make the job difficult for both of them.

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    A Power Renewed

    Dominion of Blades


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