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Listening to Bill Bryson’s books, you will find it easier than ever to access a science work. A Short History of Nearly Everything, published in 2003, is one of them. Thanks to his sense of humor, the American non-fiction writer, Bill Bryson, has brought the world of knowledge to many people, and helped them easily communicate with science. Now, the book’s audio version is also a helpful mean for readers and listeners worldwide.

a short history of nearly everything

A Short History of Nearly Everything was written when Bill Bryson realized that the knowledge provided in science textbooks was not enough at all. “It was as if the textbook writer wanted to keep the good stuff secret by making all of it soberly unfathomable” – Stated Bryson. With that hunger of knowledge, he decided to create his own book.

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The book gives you a general view of the universe, especially geology and biology. Other scientists’ stories are also told by Bill Bryson’s humorous voice. This science book records nearly all the author’s quests for everything. Therefore, by listening carefully to the book, you may find answers for your own questions.

In 2004, Bill Bryson won the prestigious Aventis Prize for his general science book. In the year later, the book continued to win the EU Descartes Prize and Samuel Johnson Prize.


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