Going Postal


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Humor and satire again becomes the basic theme of Terry Pratchett’s favorite and most famous series. Moist happens to be someone who has been living his life on lies since the beginning of time. Lies, cheating and frauds are part of his daily routine and he never regrets any of his bad deeds.

While cheating others he never thought that his crimes were stocking something up for him as well. Suddenly out of nowhere he gets trapped in a place from which there seems to be no way out for him. His freedom is compromised the day he sets foot into the postal service because the Postmaster can squeeze him like a potato if he tries to run away from his job.

Going Postal

Moreover the Postmaster makes one thing clear to the whole postal department that he can listen to the issues of the letters that come to the post office. Nightmare becomes the reality in this terrible situation when Moist hears about the stolen letters. Moist has been running all his life not because he gets scared but because he takes it as an easy way out.

Here he is left with no spot to run and also he is in no mode of running away from the danger. Main character looks more determined and resembles to those characters that we heard about in Guards! Guards! and Men at Arms.  For the listeners Stephen Briggs’ narration has become a compulsory item now because the series cannot go on without his voice now. Once again there is a lot of fun in the novel especially with the postal service scene created by the author and the strange Postmaster.


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    2 thoughts on “Going Postal”

    1. When Stephen Briggs reads Sir Terry Pratchett’s books, we travel to another world. Absolutely brilliant. I wish for more books from Pratchett, guys.
      Thank you so very much for these brilliant books.
      Kind regards from Mette Kristin in Norway:)
      Rate? Five star, of course xxx


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