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    L.J. Shen weaves another romantic novel with lot of tensions and anxieties for the girl who is like always in a desperate run for settlement in her life. Emilia thinks that she is in love at first with the lawyer that apparently is the man of her dreams but then those dreams also haunt her as nightmares too.

    The man is not what he apparently looks like; he is a lawyer that’s correct but then lawyers and usually the best liars too. What if he is lying to her about love and their relationship too keeps her guessing about her future.

    He is like a criminal with no evidence against him as he commits perfect crimes because he knows all the rules and all the ropes. It is not the first time that the two meet in New York they were in love a decade ago when they were young and because of him Emilia had to leave her home town. Circumstances are not too different this time as well; there is only one exception that she is not willing to run away from the scene now.


    The man on the other hand does not possess a desperate feeling of love for Emilia he is the sort that likes enjoying life in all ways including festive parties and then sex as well. Emilia has evidence related to his early age sex indulging nights and the lawyer wants to contain her rather than having her as a life partner. Savannah Peachwood takes the voice of Emilia and Christian Rummel narrates the lawyer’s character. Both share their old experiences in the field for the compilation of this first one of the brilliant series. None of the previous books whether you take Dirty Headlines and The Kiss Thief  had such a desperate run involved. The hero and the villain are same for the girl who cannot decide whether she should run away or embrace the approaching man.

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    The Kiss Thief



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