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    Tina Fey has met both of her dreams and has seen success in her life. She wanted to be a comedian and today she is well-known for her talents. Tina Fey has beautifully created a masterpiece that touches the heart and soul of every reader and the listener.

    Though when people listen to this audiobook, the added advantage is the voice of Tina Fey. As you listen to the wonderful story and overall feel in the voice of the author, you can surely enjoy it more.

    So, Tina ey is here to tell her story and everyone is ready to listen to it. This includes everything about her. Either it’s being a mother, a daughter or a person who wants to fulfill her dreams and jobs at the same time.

    In this books she tells the listeners that we all have some fears, some dreams and something to be suspected for. And we become something new whenever someone calls on us.


    She also uncovers some of the secrets every woman needs to know. This includes some routine things and some special things as well as breastfeeding, making a rum cake and doing photo-shop.

    This is a unique book for everyone to enjoy. Right from the start till its end, you will find no way out o this book. She works out everything and every detail in every impressive manner.

    With all the humor, laughter and the various events, people will enjoy this book for sure.

    Since its closest to reality, people will imagine and feel like it’s happening around them. They will learn how to react, manage and tackle things that are different from our routine work.


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