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    Harry Booth was not a greedy man initially, he just committed some crimes for the sake of his ill mother. His mother was dying because of cancer and he wanted to save her life as long as possible. Just for his mother, he used to rob a few houses at night. It was not money that he used to steal rather he was in habit of picking up some expensive things from the houses which he later sold at high rates.

    This thing went on for a couple of years during which Booth became an expert in the job. When his mother finally died, he decided to leave the city and got settled somewhere else. It was during this testing time in his life that he met Miranda. Previously Booth thought that he would never establish a relationship with anyone so that he might not get caught but Miranda was different.


    The moment they met each other, it was love and lust at the same time. The author Nora Roberts brings these two characters close and then throws them in the face of danger in this story. LaPorte puts his eyes on the couple and thinks that he can use them to steal big things. Booth never wanted to be a tool for anyone so he leaves Miranda and goes into hiding.

    LaPorte makes life difficult for Miranda later on and Booth has to come out of the dark for the sake of love and revenge. Year One was a good story because of its plot and The Search went well because of the characterization. This book narrated by Will Damron has all the strengths of these previous tales.

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