A Thousand Sons

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A Thousand Sons is a beautiful novel written by graham McNeill. It is a contemporary science fiction novel, which has accumulated many readers/ listeners as its audience. A Thousand Sons is the 12th chapter in this The Horus Heresy novel series and quite a considerable one. The narration of this nearly 16 hour book is done by Martyn Ellis. It was a job well done by both the author and narrator of this novel.

The story in A Thousand Sons is about Magnus and his Thousand Sons legion, who retreated to their home place or home world, known as Prospero in order to continue the employment of arcane arts in the top secrets.  All this happened when the Magnus and his Thousand Sons Legion censured right at the Nikaea Council for the sake of his blatant use of sorcery.

However, by the time, when the ill-fated primarch was able to see through the Warmaster Horus treachery and at the same time, warn the Emperor with the extreme powers, which he was actually illicit to use. It was also the time when the Mankind Master sends the primarch Leman Russ in order to battle against the Prospero itself. But, on the other side, Magnus has been through a lot more than the Horus’s betrayal and also witnesses many revelations, which will alter the fate of the Legion and also the primarch, eternally.

Graham McNeill has written a number of novels under The Horus Heresy novel series and even beyond. It is always a good idea for the book lovers to try any top tier novel by the author. If you are looking for a recommendation then you should check out Mechanicum and False Gods.




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