A Traitor in Skyhold

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    Mage Errant’s first two parts were the first year of a student who was not doing well in any of the class in his magic school. Then life turned for him and he got the time or chance to shine in front of the whole school. Now becoming famous the boy is still not satisfied at all with his position in life.

    Now in the second year of his magic school he has more than he can chew and wants to get away from the scene at once. Unfortunately he cannot do that now; he had a lot of chances in Mage Errant: Publisher’s Pack of running away from the scene but his attentions were about proving himself. Now the underdog laments for a way out but it is not there, in order to rise he must toil harder than any other boy of the class. John Bierce does not stop the trial of Hugh here the writer knits another task into it.

    A Traitor in Skyhold

    Hugh has to find a traitor who has been working for the demon. Hugh and his teams has all eyes set on the man who is behind all this and if succeeds can bring an end to the whole Skyhold. The time for action is quite near and the rival gang is apparently getting stronger and the clock is ticking for the apprentice. It was a real fun to listen to Ralph Lister in part number one and two and not a bad here.

    The magic that is performed both allowed and forbidden is in foreign language and narrated with clarity otherwise the words would have lost their grandeur on the scene.

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