A Well-Behaved Woman


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    There are numerous stories that determine, women are among the most inspiring entities in this world and there is no doubt in that. This story is also about an inspiring lady named Alva Vanderbilt who learned to defy the destiny and made her own destiny by fighting back to her poverty based life and turned it upside down by making it prestigious despite the various hindrances and factors affecting it.

    The author of the story is Therese Anne Fowler and it has been narrated and given life by the narrator Barrie Kreinik.

    A Well-Behaved Woman

    Though it seems like inspiring stories can be found through many sources, but this one is about the lady who was brought up and married in times when there is nothing but poverty that surrounds her. She started to fight back for her social status right from the start.

    She managed to build a mansion, arrange balls and she developed herself and her family in a social circle quiet effectively in a way that her daughter ended up marrying a duke which could have been a dream without Alva’s efforts. Just like in the stories including An Anonymous Girl and The Family Next Door you can find characters managing, changing and determining their life aspects with their own unique ways.

     How the family of the Vanderbilts grew, developed themselves and how they gained the social status throughout their life despite their poor origin, is truly a determined journey carved by the iron lady named Alva.

    Who tried and won all the prestigious ways of life for her and the family without getting broke. With all the enormous wealth and the status earned throughout her life, ALVA inspires ladies to turn their passion, their determination into reality so that they could live a life they want and deserve.

    In this story, the author has shared how a woman can break older rules and make her own to guide her own life in the way she wants to.


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