Accessory to War

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Starts simple and then we delve deeper with Neil deGrasse Tyson’s work which leaves a permanent impact on the mind of the listener. Humans have always been a complicated being and it is difficult to understand what they think and what they can do under different circumstances. Science and military forces have been in a relation from the beginning and it is military that science has supported more than anything else.

Whether the army wants to track or invade it is towards technology it goes instead of depending upon personal skills anymore. Thus these are the two allies that have and unbroken bond. Now the competition moves to the space as they competitors start the fight in space. It is not the fight that we hear about related to the old days it’s a competition of achieving more and more and accomplishing something before the competitors.

For this domination the best of the technology is required and then the supremacy of the army is actually the supremacy of the technology. Overall a brilliant job by the writer and the narrator Courtney B. Vance who is not the only one in the narration of this master piece and Neil himself has narrated some of the portion because he knows his work. Letters from an Astrophysicist and Welcome to the Universe can be read along with this one in order to understand the concept of author’s writings.

These books also allow the listener to share the vision that was always there in the mind of Neil and he has painted it to perfection.

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