Age of Swords

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The next part to Age of Myth continues with the battle between the gods and the mortal humans. This time the fight goes to the next level as the heroes in the human world also began to emerge the more they start to recognize their own strength the powerful they become.

Michael J. Sullivan in this second chapter infuses a spirit of strength in the same characters that were not mentally ready and physically prepared in the first part to take on the fight with the ones they used to worship ones. The god, on the other hand, start a conspiracy of their own as they start to use the one major weakness or flaw in the human nature i.e betrayal because of the lust for power.

They start feeding the minds of the human being with greed and lust and start a fight within the human lines and for the first time, the humans realize that why the gods have ruled for so long, the answer proves to be quite simple the element of betrayal between the ranks was not there. Raithe however finally stands like a god killer and emerges as a savior as he blends with his role excellently.

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Tim Gerard Reynolds’ voice continues to impress us with the high pitched sensation that it produces and give the whole thing an epic grandeur all together. This part too ends in an endless way and surely tempts us to read the next part as well, which is Age of Legend the whole series is so gripping and thrilling that you cannot just leave it after getting through only one or two parts. Member Benefit

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