Hidden Prey


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    Exceptional drama and a race against time was observed in the previous book in which Lucas Davenport became the man of stately importance for the first time. He never wanted that promotion but then when it came to him he was unable to say no. It has been his passion and duty to help the authorities out in cases that really terrorize innocent minds. Richard Ferrone is narrating this one too he did just fine in Naked Prey and now a fantastic job again.

    The intense police procedurals are really narrated in a catchy way, the tension building between the suspects and the officers can take the mind on a wild ride. The current book opens with the news that six months have now passed since Lucas took guard of his new duties. His first case was a tough ask and he thought that he would not confront another like this in his life but he was mistaken. A man linked to Russian government gets killed in the state that is given under Lucas command.

    Hidden Prey

    A panic in the higher ranks is soon observed as FBI itself gets involved in the case, the Russian also send a man of their own for the investigation. The Russian lady presents herself as a cop but she does not behave like one and during all this another man is killed and there might be a connection between the two which the master detective starts to investigate. The only thing that confuses Lucas is that why the man was shot with fifty years old bullets. It could be a mere chance but it is quite possible that the case has history linked to it.

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