Alice Isn’t Dead

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The story starts as a case of a missing woman but at the later stage, the story increases in the horizon and the main plot mixes with several subplots. Keisha Taylor at the start of the story becomes a bit nervous and then terrorized when Alice suddenly disappears without any clue or hint of any sort and Keisha has nowhere to look for her, even the police provides no help of any sort and thus she is left on her own to join clues together and look for the missing wife but this does not work at all.

Keisha frustrated and dejected admits the death of Alice and arranges for the funeral and mourns for the last time for Alice but as soon as this is done Keisha starts seeing else in the newspapers at the crime scenes in the pictures always standing in the background. First Keisha thinks that it’s just an illusion as her mind is too much occupied because of the sadness in her life but as this thing repeats more than once every day the main character is forced to start the search for Alice once again as she is not dead perhaps she is providing clues in order to show her presence to Keisha.

Joseph Fink in the voice of Jasika Nicole has created a high drama that leads us toward the cases of missing women who are kidnapped every now and then from different parts of the world for a bigger cause. The story from personal becomes related to the international problem the whole novel is also like a big road trip that continues with the help of clues. Listen to the Matthew Bartholomew ~ Books 1-23 – Susanna Gregory and The Terror: The true [fictionalized] story of a legendary Arctic expedition – Dan Simmons if you have more time to listen to the horror-filled ram in the stories.



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