The Frankenstein Series (1-5)


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    It is through the series of five books by Dean Koontz that the zombie once again moves on the streets of the world of the living and chooses his prey one after the other. He kills without any remorse as he lacks humanity and emotion both that surely makes him deadly and dangerous. The Frankenstein has been moving in the world for centuries and has no aim he performs whatever is assigned to him.

    The books have myths, magic and the terror of ruthless killing as well. The different thing about the story is that the writer has presented an entire race of characters that are like Frankenstein and they all have opened hell upon the human race. None of them can be killed as they are immortal or if they can be killed mankind does know the way.

    The Frankenstein Series (1-5)

    The savageness is described with a lot of horrifying scenes that not only terrorizes everyone but also make the people a bit pessimistic as well at first who start to think that they too will face the same fate i.e becoming a zombie a killing the fellow human beings without any reason just pure lust and nothing else. The whole race does not have any aim or it can be said that they lack both mind and heart thus these killing machines are a calamity without a solution.

    John Bedford Lloyd and Christopher Lane have narrated with their gloomy tones and have succeeded in making the atmosphere spooky with their voices. Thus it is an excellent pack of five stories with an epic ending of course that you never anticipate at the beginning. Among the many other stories people recommend, Matthew Bartholomew ~ Books 1-23 – Susanna Gregory and The Terror: The true [fictionalized] story of a legendary Arctic expedition – Dan Simmons are also good ones to follow the stories as well.

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