All the Pretty Horses


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    Giving a Mexican accent to the story was just a piece of cake for Frank Muller, it was not necessary for this trilogy by Cormac McCarthy but it surely had an impact. John Grady Cole the teenager in the story lived all his life on the ranch. He loved to live his life that way but after the death of his grandfather, the ranch got sold out. Instead of going to the city, John invited Rawlins to join him in his travel to the distant villages. Together the two started their journey and they had not gone far away when they encountered another boy of just thirteen.

    The boy named Blevin was a horse thief thus because of him their own life became a mess. Soon the whole town was on their tales for an arrest. Because of this bad reputation, John lost the love of his life too. The daughter of the ranch owner promised her family that she would not meet John again when he would come out of prison. So when John loses his love and family he just carries on with his voyage instead of waiting and wasting his life in mourning over the losses. No Country for Old Men and The Road never possesses such a rich description of culture but the story in those books was also worth listening to.

    All the Pretty Horses

    Cormac does not just start writing a story all of a sudden; the author first analyzes the cultural background of an area which he selects for an introduction in his novel. Then he gets stick to the trends and patterns which the people of a specific region follow. This enriches the story with a lot of real info that the public most of the time craves for.

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