Gods in Alabama



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    Fiction comes to life once again as Joshilyn Jackson starts writing another fabulous tale in the way that has become so popular with the general public. The writer always proves to be successful in creating stories out of ordinary life and usual routine works. It is the secrets that are always brought to light from the past which change the course if the story. We can see this in Never Have I Ever and The Almost Sisters as well when simple ordinary life is disturbed because of the happening linked with the past. It is Arlene Fleet this time that leaves Alabama and three things in her life; firstly she plans of not seeing a boy any more in her future life.

    Gods in Alabama

    Secondly she promises to herself that she would never lie and thirdly she prays that no one would find the hidden body in Alabama. Unluckily her last prayer does not near fruit as ten years after her coming to a new town an old enemy is one the chase of her crime which means that she had to turn the other two promises down as well. Thus the poor girl is forced to face the crime she once ran from and wanted to hide that hideous past forever. Her past and future everything is at stake this time as she has only way i.e fight the whole thing out.

    Catherine Taber narrates in her own gentle way but she alters are usual routine at some points when we observe quick actions and tense situations in the novel. It is a wonderfully compact novel with details of different cultures and we can say that there is an element of racism in it as well.

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