American War

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Omar El Akkad has come up with a brilliant piece of writing in American War with his peculiar writing style. This is a literary fiction novel that earned great appreciation from the book enthusiasts and as well as critics. The narration of this novel was given by Dion Graham and as per the response of the fans, he has done a great job.

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This is the debut novel from a very promising author, Omar El Akkad. The storyline of the novel is set in the futuristic United States right in between the second Civil War. The story is about one family caught in a devastating plague. It is a story that ask questions from its readers/ listeners that what will happen if United States is required to overturn its most destructive policies and all the deadly weapons it owns on itself.

The Louisiana born Sarah Chestnut is just 6 years old in 2074 when the md Civil War in America breaks out. She even had the idea that half of Louisiana is under water and oil is totally outlawed. The automatic drones have filled the entire sky. She rapidly began to be shaped by her certain place and time, until she gets turned into a horrific war instrument. All this happened after her father got killed and her entire family was forced to go to the Camp Patience to join with the displaced people.

Benjamin Chestnut, her nephew was actually telling this miserable story of hardships and suffering. He was born during that 2nd American Civil War. He was also part of the extraordinary generation of the time and bow here is an old man, who is confronting his past with a dark secret.



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