Dark Storm


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    Dark Storm is 23rd chapter in the Dark saga. Christine Feehan is the novelist and her name is enough to endorse quality in all literary novels that she claims to be her work. Dark Storm is a romance fantasy novel which is loved for its originality of the storyline and extremely strong characterization. If you explore into the archives of Christine Feehan then you will find many other unique, refreshing and highly captivating novels. A couple of such sensational pieces of writing from the author are Desolation Road and Dark Illusion novels.

    The duo of Erik Bergmann and Kristine Ryan gets yet another chance after their successful narration in the past couple of chapters of the series. The author in this novel tried a number of different individual narrators and as well as in pairing, where the duo of Erik Bergmann and Kristine Ryan seems to be the perfect combination.

    Dark Storm

    Awakening after a long time in a world of extreme darkness and heat, Dax thinks that in how many different ways the world must have changed above. But, it is all about how he has changed everything that fills him entirely with loathing and dread. Buried alive for centuries in a volcano somewhere in the mountains of Carpathian. Dax doubts that he might have become an abominations who every Carpathian actually fears. A victim of an evil has relentlessly crept into his entire body and mind over the past few centuries. However, there are quite a few things that never change at all.

    All the fans of Christine Feehan and her romance fantasy novels will have a great treat listening to the audio version of this novel.

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