And There Was Light

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Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famous men who have ever lived in the history of politicians in this world. To this day the man has been praised as an icon and no one can deny the reality that it was because of Abraham that America became so powerful and the states got united. Not only were the states united by the man rather he also worked for the eradication of slavery from the country.

He thought that it was an evil that should be uprooted at all levels because, without the removal of such a thing, the nation could never get successful. The man was linked to the family which had its roots in an anti-slavery Baptist community so his part in the Civil War was quite obvious.

Jon Meacham has not given a vague picture of this great politician rather the author and narrator of this book has started the book from the days when Abraham was just a young lad with no appeal for politics. The author has written books about America before for example American Lion and The Soul of America. But this is different in the sense that it talks about an era when the states were not united. It takes us to the years when Abraham Lincoln was interested in his studies only.

The boy never went to school because his parents were not able to afford his education. So he started learning on his own and became a self-educated man. It was in the later period of his life that he started taking interest in politics and became a supporter of the eradication of slavery. The book takes us from the birth of this great hero to the day when he was assassinated.

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