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    Robert B. Parker has selected the West for the action in this new one of a kind series; the man has been quite successful in producing super hit series in the past. If a person selects west and the era is connected to the year 1800 then he needs quite a deal of research to portray the lawlessness of the time.

    West has remained unique throughout human history because of its outlaws and one of a kind gang wars. People of Appaloosa are at the mercy of Randall Brag when Virgil and Everett Hitch land on the place. Randall care nothing about the law and the person thinks that now he is the law of the town and needs no explanation of any sort to the police or the court.


    Arresting or curtailing him is not an option the law agencies are thinking about now. This so called lord of the town has all the resources under his thumb and going against him means that one can starve to death. Even the women of the town are his property now and the rest of the city has nothing not even a family. The two law enforcers have seen nothing like this before in any of the town and it is a tight competition they are confronting in the west for the first time.

    The Godwulf Manuscript is a nice option to go along with this new upcoming series by Parker. Narration a big problem for this category because it is the west we are dealing with and the outlaws don’t use sophisticated language. Titus Welliver has narrated nicely; the novel however needed some more gas in the fight scenes.

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