At Grave’s End

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The initial part was just about revenge and then things got a little complicated as Catherine indulged in a relationship that she was not able to resist. First, she escaped from the appealing and lusty Bones and then fate threw her back into his arms once again. Now she does not want to escape because she too is in love with the vampire. Together the two have successfully saved the human world from the catastrophe of the undead. They think that the time to relish is approaching but their calculations proved wrong.

Catherine has been keeping her identity hidden from those that surround her but now that veil is suddenly gone and she has many after her. The problem is not a big one if you have an immortal like Bones on your side but he too gets entangled in a strange web. A lady vampire wants Bones dead because she thinks that he cheated her once.

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Not only Bones the woman wants Catherine in the grave too and the grave that can keep vampires is surely not an ordinary one. Terrible magic also approaches the already troubled world of these two lovers and towards the middle of the book, they think that they have finally reached the end of their lives. Halfway to the Grave and One Foot in the Grave never had such pessimism in them; here the two lovers just face more than they could bear.

Jeaniene Frost is slowly making things tough for the two and sooner or later Catherine has to show her true self to the world. Tavia Gilbert’s voice also gets into full swing and the narrator exactly knows where the story is shifting to.

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