Backseat Saints

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A girl with evil intentions is something new from Joshilyn Jackson as she has always written about people especially women with troubled past. We have never seen a woman with bad intentions in writer’s work. This is for the first time we see a lady who is morally corrupt and wants to get rid of the marriage bond. Previously in books like Never Have I Ever and The Almost Sisters the women try to hide the past in order to settle with their  marriage lives. For Rose Mae Lolley marriage is just a bond that is keeping her in the shackles.

All the time she wants to get out of the flowery skirts and the abuse of her husband. The all of a sudden she meets a gypsy on the airport who knows what she used to be and what she wants to become. However there is one little trouble her future predictions tells her that she would be killed by her husband and the only way to herself is to kill him first. It is all about sins in Texas that we see in the story.

The past even at the climax is revealed once again disclosing something that Rose’s mother left her as a surprise of a lifetime. The sharing of the family secrets is an old trick of the writer, this time another innovation that we see is the change of tone in narration. The writer has narrated this novel herself as she usually does but this time the voice is a little high in tone because she was depicting a new sort of heroine that usually does not exist in her works.



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