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Barefoot is a fictional novel. It is beautifully written by Elin Hilderbrand. She is the bestselling fictional author in New York Times and has given several successful titles. The Hotel Nantucket novel of the author was loved a lot by her followers and as well as critics. Apart from this one, she did a marvelous job with the gripping writing of her A Summer Affair novel.

The audio narration of Barefoot novel is done by Rachel Warren. She was exceptionally good with the narration and made this novel an excellent title to be enjoyed in audio.

Three women in this story seek comfort and peace on Nantucket Island just as they struggle to cope with the different challenges of their lives.

Three women in the tale were burdened with small kids along with the unwieldy straw hats and then a few emotional issues of their own as well. It was a really hot day in June when all three of them tumbled upon the Nantucket airport tarmac.

Vicki was trying hard to cope with the news about her serious illness. Brenda, her sister just left her job after she was caught having an intimate affair with a student. Melanie was their friend who got pregnant at last after seven failed attempts. But, she only got that good news after discovering about her affair with her husband. They all came to Nantucket to escape from their troubles and to enjoy the sun. They just wanted to relax in the calming air of Nantucket. But, Josh Flynn, a 2 years old guy stepped not into their house but their world as well, and that changed things in their lives.

Things started a bit slow in this story and then it got better. You will be seeing four main characters with their part in the stories. As always, this novel from Elin will also make you wish to go to Nantucket and live your life there.

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